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10 Years Old & Still Evolving



eMedia Design Company was founded in 2008 as an independent digital media and graphic design business. Between 2008-2018 we grew to an 11 person team and repositioned ourselves as a Brand Experience Firm, offering brand strategy and management, digital marketing, website and application design and development, content strategy, and search engine optimization services.  

On June 1st, 2018, we were very fortunate to be acquired by a full-cycle software development company out of Rochester, NY. Our new parent, ITX Corp., saw the breadth of services we offered, our unique culture, and a team of extremely hard workers, and knew the opportunity to build both of our businesses was too hard to refuse. This was the perfect next step in eMedia’s journey as it expands our reach and boosts our capabilities in serving our clients’ needs.

“The alignment between our two companies of our values, vision, and mission was uncanny. It became clear that it was a perfect fit and that we could both increase the value we bring to our clients in so many ways.” – Essa Naser 

The Original Logo

The eMedia Design Company logo had gone almost unaltered since Essa created the company. The company name was created as an abbreviated form of the phrase everything media, with the addition of the businesses core service, design. The speech bubble was integrated to express the communication mediums the company would create between its clients and their customers, to build strong relationships between the two parties. Only small edits had been made to the design of the logo as the company grew, including the addition of “Co.” to the end of the name, the addition of the tagline “evolving brands”, and minor brand color refinements. 


The New Us

After a decade of growth and development, the acquisition was the perfect opportunity for our team to re-evaluate who we are and what we represent. When tasked with updating the logo, it was very important to our team that we keep the meaning and history behind the logo intact.  edc-mood-board

Our primary goal of creating communication and connection between our clients and their customers had only strengthened with time, making the speech bubble even more appropriate. Our name, eMedia Design Co., now carries the clout of an expert in the marketing and design fields with over a decade of work to prove it; this would continue to be an integral piece of the identity. 

With a subtle nod to our new parent company, we finished our logo with the simple tag of “An ITX Company” to not overshadow the purpose of eMedia, but to let our audiences know ITX has our back.

The final piece to round out our new identity is the simplified, secondary logo. Designed as a stamp of approval or nod back to eMedia, to be used in a setting where the brand is established and recognizable. 





The biggest goal for the new logo design was to establish and showcase the evolution of eMedia Design Co., and who’ve we’ve become – an innovative and strategic marketing and design company that builds brands that matter.