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How to Design a Landing Page that Converts

Digital marketing campaigns often rely on the use of landing pages to facilitate campaign success. At the most basic level, a landing page itself is a page that visitors literally “land” on. But since we are talking about their use in relation to digital marketing, a landing page in this particular sense is often a web page that has been designed with a main objective in mind. Why does it matter if you design a landing page that helps convert your visitors? Because if you want any of your marketing campaigns to be a success, one way or another, you need conversions.

Types of Landing Pages

The two basic types of landing pages are:

  • Click Through
  • Lead Generation

Utilizing a click through landing page enables you to persuade visitors through making a purchasing decision and ultimately to make a purchase. While a lead generation landing page helps you capture valuable lead information that you can use to market/connect with at another time.

A Common Obstacle Marketers Face

Every design and content aspect on a landing page play an important role, and so everything’s purpose should be considered and strategized throughout the process of creating it. Therefore, one of the main reasons campaigns fail is when landing pages aren’t designed well. Here are important factors to consider when creating your landing pages:

Establish Your Goals

An obvious yet often overlooked first step. Without establishing your goals, you won’t have an endgame in mind to make informed design and content decisions.

Use Clear, Concise Messaging

If you want your visitors to take a specific action on your page, make sure you include content that gives them the information they need to do so. What is it that you’re promoting and what is the benefit? Why should visitors give you their information or buy something? Be as clear as possible and you’ll make it easier for visitors to make the decision right then and there.

Keep Forms Simple

Generally speaking, if you want the best chance of getting someone to complete a form, only make them provide the information you absolutely need. There are always exceptions to the rule, such as if you’re providing them with something of high value or demand in return. But overall, take a less is more approach when it comes to forms on your pages.

Create Enticing CTA’s

CTA’s (call-to-action buttons) are mandatory design elements for landing pages. The main CTA should support the main objective of your page. If you do include any additional calls-to-action, consider making their appearance subordinate to the main CTA. They should also lead to pages that help support the purchase decision and e-commerce funnel.

Limit Navigation

Don’t distract your users away from your landing page with unnecessary outbound links. Things like social media links, or any distracting navigation options that take your visitors off the landing page before converting are often overlooked factors that can decrease conversions.

Boost Trust Factor

Would you want to buy something that you have no idea will work or not? Would you trust to give your personal information to someone you’ve never met or even seen before? If you answered yes, then you might be the most trusting person alive. Most people want to know that they can trust the brand, the product, or the person they’re connecting with online. Things like product photos, videos, security seals, business awards, client logos, reviews, and testimonials can boost your credibility and trustworthiness. This reassures visitors that giving you their information or making a purchase is safe.

Use Great Imagery

Our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. So, it’s imperative to use images that help convey your message. Take it to the next level by considering the relevance, quality, and brand compliance of the images you select.


There is no one-size-fits-all template or answer for creating landing pages (wouldn’t that be glorious??)… However, if you keep these tips in mind the next time you sit down to design a landing page, I guarantee you’ll see better results than you did before!

Author: Autumn Crosier

Self-taught disruptor, brand storyteller, and lover of all things Barbra Streisand, Autumn oversees our creative tasks and finds new ways to shake things up. As Brand Experience Director, Autumn makes sure that every project for eMedia or Clients is on-brand, edgy, and tells a story.

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