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How to Launch a New Website with a Bang!

Getting a new website up and running for any company is a huge accomplishment. You’ve likely dedicated a large chunk of time and sweat (but hopefully not tears) to your project, so it’s only right that it gets the attention it deserves. So how should you get the word out to your target audience, customers and employees that you have an awesome new website? Let’s start by identifying WHY you want to make this announcement in the first place. Then, we’ll discuss how to put together a great launch strategy!

The ultimate objective of announcing your company’s new website should ultimately be to drive traffic to your site. The launch itself is a great marketing moment to engage with your audience segments and explain to them why they’ll love using your website. Building excitement around your site will be enhanced when you explain the changes you’ve made to the user experience itself. So it’s helpful to point out any new features you’ve added that will enhance their user experience, or any new functionality that didn’t exist before and that they should know about.

Now that you know why you should announce your new website, it’s time to put together a plan for how you’ll announce it. If you’re thinking balloon drops, confetti, cowbells and champagne, we like your style. But here are some tips to help you create an omni-channel marketing plan to capture major attention surrounding your website launch.

Send out press releases

Don’t completely discount traditional marketing when launching your new website. Press releases can be an effective medium to grab the attention of local newspapers, online magazines and PR websites, which can boost your local SEO. If writing’s not your strong suit, you may want to hire a marketing firm, or consultant/freelancer to develop some dynamic, quality content.

Share the news on social media

Social media is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your new site. If you want to build awareness of your website launch, you can even share posts with sneak peak images, or sharing behind-the-scenes information about the project you’ve been working on. An idea that we love and have seen from some of our clients is a countdown on social media to build up anticipation. This helps increase the excitement and even allows for more engagement and conversation with your audience leading up to the big day.

With a new website, you might need to adjust your social media strategy as well. Here’s guidance on creating a social media strategy to assist in developing a consistent brand experience across multiple channels.

Utilize your email newsletter

If you have incorporated a newsletter subscribe call-to-action throughout our website, it’s likely that you have built up a list of people interested in your brand. On top of that list, you should hopefully have a list of current and previous clients or customers integrated into your email marketing campaign system or within your CRM tool.

These groups should be among the first to know about your new website! Subscribers took the initial step to be added to your list because they want updates from you and your company, make sure they get them as quickly as possible. We’ve seen clients go to the lengths of putting together an entire email campaign granting subscribers sneak peek access to the new site, while also asking for their comments and feedback regarding the new design and digital experience.

Engage your employees

Another way to increase the exposure of your announcement is to engage your employees. After all, your team should be the front line of your company’s brand ambassadors! Before you announce the new site to the public, you can create buzz among the company with an internal reveal. This will allow your employees to feel more connected to the launch, and allows them to get familiar with the new content, links, and features before you launch. Filling them in on the new features and functionality will also make them better suited to talk about the project with clients and customers, too. Word-of-mouth is one the best marketing tools today, so when customers and clients hear your employees talk about how great the new site is, they’ll want to go take a look for themselves.

Be creative and fun

Now, back to the balloons and champagne… There isn’t one cookie-cutter approach that suits every brand for launching a new website. Every brand is unique, and your approach to spreading the word about your new site should be as one-of-a-kind as your brand. You could host a company luncheon or breakfast to kick off the big day. Relaxed company culture? Throw a launch party at the end of the day or host a happy hour at a local venue to cheers to your accomplishment.

There are many different ways to spread the news of a new website. From an email campaign to an all out launch party –– choose an approach that fits your brand AND budget.

Author: Autumn Crosier

Self-taught disruptor, brand storyteller, and lover of all things Barbra Streisand, Autumn oversees our creative tasks and finds new ways to shake things up. As Brand Experience Director, Autumn makes sure that every project for eMedia or Clients is on-brand, edgy, and tells a story.

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