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Marketing Tips for 2019 That Actually Work

Nothing turns a sweet internet session more sour than invasive ­ads trying to sell you products or lifestyles that are of no interest to you. How do we combat these pesky interruptions? Ad blockers! Did you know that 30% of the population is predicted to have an ad blocker installed on their desktop by the end of 2018? Not to mention the 22% that are predicted to have one installed on their mobile device, too. This doesn’t bode well for marketing professionals worldwide. Can you imagine losing a third of your audience right off the bat? How can we fix this? How do we reach a generation that does their best to avoid marketers? It can get pretty complicated, so we’ve come up with some tips to keep you ahead of the curve. 

Onmi-Channel Marketing + Creativity = Results

We’ve all heard it before, “omni-channel” is the buzzword that’s been shoved in our faces so often that it’s lost all meaning, but pair this word with marketing, and it becomes a phrase we absolutely love. This isn’t about just throwing marketing dollars at every medium you can, this is about creating a seamless experience for consumers across all touchpoints. Keeping your brand and messaging consistent, no matter how the intended audience consumes it. 

The million-dollar question is this: Why would anyone shy away from direct marketing? Yes, we live in a digital world that is constantly updating and changing but we can’t leave the human part of things behind. Combining a unique mailer, with a strategically sent email campaign and perfectly timed social media strategy is the perfect way to cover multiple touchpoints in one campaign. Couple that with a custom URL for each part of the campaign and you’ll be able to easily determine your ROI per touchpoint. 

Blanket Marketing is for the Birds

Gone are the days of spending your money advertising to everyone and anyone. Data has never been more accessible than it is today. You have to market the right content to the right people at the right time. Segmenting your email list is an incredibly simple way to make sure you are targeting the right consumers, with the right voice. Why stop there? A/B testing is simple and can provide incredibly valuable insight as to which version of your content is resonating with your audience. That’s not all; use data to figure out what time of day your target audience is most active online and push your content out during that time frame. 

Google Ads are Still Relevant, but Content is King  

The days of PPC being your only method of online advertising are long gone and consumers are putting more trust in reviews, influencer/content marketing, and referral partnerships. Are paid ads still relevant? Sure, but more so as part of a larger marketing strategy that is supported by thorough keyword research. Content is the key element in positioning brands as industry thought leaders and strategically begins conversations in the spaces occupied by consumers. With attention spans at an all-time low, what you’re saying matters more than how you say it. Consumers are looking for answers and they want them quicker than ever. The work you put into keeping your content fresh, updated, and searchable will continue to benefit you long after the PPC dollars have run out.  

Plan, Do, Check, Adjust, Repeat 

Speaking of content, have you ever considered the size of the internet? (1.9 billion+ sites). Taking that number into account, how does one stay relevant? That’s easy – constantly review and revise! Use industry standard tools and set up monthly or quarterly success reporting to see how your site is performing. An easy way to measure site performance is by using analytics and developing a process for success reporting. Are you seeing a significant decrease in time on page or a higher bounce rate? This is a tell-tale sign that your content is most likely stale and should be spruced up. Researching your site’s performance and being proactive (instead of reactive) will keep you at the top of all search results.  

Help Us Help You

Feeling wildly overwhelmed? No worries, that’s what we’re here for. Lucky for you, we love omni-channel marketing almost as much as we love the strategy behind it. Fewer things make us happier than helping our clients navigate through the complicated marketing world we live in today. Let’s Talk!