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Meet our Brand Experience Designer: Caleb Smith

This month, we are so excited to showcase one of the members of our creative powerhouse…Caleb Smith! Whether it’s designing websites, crazy illustrations, catalog spreads, logos, icons, or taking pictures, Caleb takes visual communication to a completely new level as our Brand Experience Designer. Let’s get to know more about this design guru!

What’s your favorite part of working at eMedia?

I LOVE the people I work with. I could not have gotten to this point in my career as a creative without their constant mentoring. They don’t allow me to remain creatively stagnant for long. Our team is always pushing me to do my best and step out of my comfort zone – I have grown because of their drive to always be better, allowing me to grow professionally. Did I also mention all the shenanigans that happen here?! We definitely don’t have a boring office. Whether it’s random shouts across the office or the sacrifices we make for good Instagram pictures, it’s pretty riveting.

What are some of your go-to resources to stay on top of best practices and trends?

I usually read articles or seek inspiration from websites such as eWebDesign, Smashing Magazine, and Behance whenever I need to expand my mind on a certain topic.

We hear you’re on the Whole30 diet. If you were forced to do it for one year but were allowed one cheat food item, what would it be?

Cheeseburgers…definitely all the cheeseburgers. Especially from Red Robin…YUM!



  • I’m a complete photography nerd – I take my camera everywhere so I never miss a shot.
  • Ultimate frisbee is my jam!
  • I love hanging out with my lovely wife either watching movies, relaxing together or running and playing with my cocker spaniel pup, Alphie.
  • In my free time, I enjoy drawing/illustrating



Author: eMedia

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