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Meet our Chief Operations Officer: Justin Tucker

After years of mystery and illusion, it’s time for us to unveil our “man behind the curtain”… For the past five years, Justin has been doing a little bit of everything at eMedia Design Co. From managing multiple projects and clients, to making doughnut runs through OTR on his company bike, he does it all. Originally from New Jersey, Justin went from touring with a band, to playing cards for a living, and then running a recording studio. Fate brought him to Ohio, and in his own words is, “living the dream” which includes grilling and watching sunsets on his deck with his wife (and working at eMedia of course). He may not be able to grow facial hair, but he rocks his role as Project Ninja better than anyone else!

It was only after we promised to feed him food from his favorite local Pho & Sandwich shop that he sat down with us to answer some questions.

You’ve been called eMedia’s Chief Administrative Officer, Project Ninja, Chief Awesome Officer… How many hats do you wear? (And we’re not talking about your knit beanies)

ALL THE HATS. I have my fingers and toes in just about everything that comes through our doors. I’ve been known to shoot and edit photos, update and create websites, design collateral, shoot video, train clients… the list goes on and on. I love every second of it.

What’s a typical day of work like for you?

I actually start my day the night before on my ride home to Alexandria, KY (or North Lexington as Essa likes to call it). I go through our projects in my head to get a little jump on what I’ll be doing the next day. My days are hectic to say the least, though I do try to plan them, being a CAO means staying on top of every aspect of every project we have going on, so I get pulled away pretty consistently. A day could consist of photo edits and site updates, or QA and debugging, or designing collateral, or training a client, etc. I guess I really don’t have a “Typical Day”, I just go with the flow while keeping all project end goals in mind and making myself available to any developer or designer that may need me.

What songs best describe your work ethic?

Ooph, that’s a tough one. Music is and has always been a huge part of my life, and I love ALMOST every genre. I can go from listening to the Blind Boys of Alabama to Dillinger Escape Plan to Tegan & Sara to Lyrics Born. Song-specific is tough, but I do have genres I like to listen to while I do certain things: Web Design Work: Early 90’s – Current Hip Hop; Web Development Work: Late 90’s – Current Indie Pop; Administrative Work: Any upbeat pop-punk/indie-rock from the last 20 years.

What are some of your favorite industry resources to stay on top of best practices and trends?

Some of my favorite resources include:


  • I love to hang out, explore the city, cook with my wife, skateboard/bike with my son, watch horror movies with my daughter and hang out with our two cats Bullseye and Greenbeans, and our dog, Oliver.
  • I have a twin boy & girl and they’re pretty rad
  • I like to play basketball & play cards (especially hold-em or euchre)
  • Relaxing by abstract paintings is my thing

Author: Autumn Crosier

Self-taught disruptor, brand storyteller, and lover of all things Barbra Streisand, Autumn oversees our creative tasks and finds new ways to shake things up. As Brand Experience Director, Autumn makes sure that every project for eMedia or Clients is on-brand, edgy, and tells a story.

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