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When it comes to quality, the masterminds behind Cincinnati’s Boca restaurant definitely know the definition of the word. Known for their fine dining and luxurious atmosphere, Boca is a hot spot for epicureans near and far.  As the restaurant’s 15 year anniversary approached, the Boca team came to us with two projects in mind- a new website for the restaurant, and a website for their anniversary-inspired Cadenza performance events –– both of which needed to be launched within weeks. Our mouths were watering just after hearing about it… plus, we knew we were the right team for the challenge.

Our client’s main goal was to build a responsive and mobile-friendly website that facilitates the BEST experience imaginable. They hoped a new design would help users quickly find their contact information, view their menus, get a feel for their dining environment and make a reservation. In just a few weeks, we designed and developed two new mobile-friendly websites for their brand. Here are some of the ways our strategy helped meet their objectives.

Mobile-friendly design: The new site evokes a modern and functional responsive design that delivers a great user experience across any device and screen size.

Simple user experience:  The website now guides users with clear menu navigation, clear calls-to-action and clean design. This enhances the user experience by keeping the main objective front and center, while also keeping other pertinent information accessible without having to click through the website to find it.

Bold Imagery: You could easily compare Boca’s gallery of images to that of an artist’s repertoire. Incorporating their bold, luxurious and gourmet photography was an absolutely must. Whether a panoramic of the elegant Parisian Room or a still shot of their well revered Beef Wellington, the imagery is over the top and was the finishing touch for bringing their website to life.


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