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Cincinnati Music Academy


For years, the Cincinnati Music Academy has attracted some of the most talented musicians in the Greater Cincinnati area. The institution has a track record for teaching talented artists and for producing inspiring performances. But, as their 20th anniversary approached, CMA knew they had to update their brand experience for today’s digital world.


Our clients came to us hoping to better connect with future generations of student musicians and their families. They also wanted a way to engage with their always on-to-go, tech-savvy audience of students, parents, and teachers. So it was our job to design a new brand identity and create a digital experience that would connect, engage and inform their audience.


Starting from the ground up, we completely reimagined CMA’s brand identity. We used vivid colors, modern fonts and pulled design inspiration from piano keys to reveal a fresh brand logo. On top of that, we incorporated their tagline to connect with their target audience and the established date to build trust. Along with their rebrand, we overhauled their website and brought it up to today’s digital standards. Now, users can read teacher bios, download class schedules and register for classes. Completely responsive, the new site design also made it possible users to view their website on desktop, tablet or mobile device.


Cincinnati Music Academy’s new look and digital experience made a significant impact and increased the institution’s ability to reach new students. Overall, their new website saw a 26 percent decrease in bounce rate. The average session duration increased 79 percent increase, and the number of returning visitors to the site increased 6 percent. This data showed us that their users were staying on the site longer, engaging more and even coming back to the website.



  • Website Bounce Rate Decreased 26%
  • User Session Duration Increased 79%
  • Pages Per Session Increased 45%
  • Returning Visitors Increased 6%


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