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Cintrifuse, a local Cincinnati startup catalyst, approached our team looking to give the homepage of their website a facelift. They wanted something that wasn’t just refreshing, modern, and new, but something that would better engage and resonate with their target audience. Their goals and objectives needed to accomplish the following:

  1. Quickly explain what they do at the top of the page in a manner understandable to any reader.
  2. Increase memberships with entrepreneurs by providing educational resources upfront and easy sign-up options.
  3. Provide easy access resources for BigCos to learn more about funding options and startup opportunities.
  4. Increase returning visitors through engagement with content.

The result of our work is a responsive, mobile-friendly website that helps them connect with their audience and better explains who they are and what they do. In the process of building out their homepage, we realized that updating only the homepage would create design inconsistencies and met with the client to propose a full site redesign, which they agreed to. This allowed us to ensure their brand remained consistent throughout the entire user experience. Here’s how our design and development strategy helped us create a new home page that our client loves.

Content Strategy+Messaging

We focused our strategy on how we could incorporate their website’s content to elevate the user experience. We realized right away that the best content identified, in the simplest terms, what they did and who they wanted to be (i.e. We drive the startup community). We leveraged this style of writing by telling their story and engaging their audience throughout the rest of the homepage with simple page titles and descriptions.

One of the biggest struggles our client encountered was being able to clearly explain exactly what Cintrifuse is and what they do. By simplifying the content and creating clear calls-to-action that informed users of their impact on Cincinnati’s start-up community, they would yield more conversions and achieve the initial objectives they established.

Experience Design

From the beginning, we knew we wanted the homepage to be interactive and somewhat of a choose your own adventure user experience. We started the page off with clear messaging and behind the scenes video footage of Cintrifuse. We continued the design by catering to their two main audiences, entrepreneurs and BigCos, by creating roll over boxes where they allowed them to specify their intent then instantly be directed to the resources they needed. After this section, the entire home page continues to tell the story of what Cintrifuse has to offer from startup events, space rentals, success stories and community impact.

We consider the entire website when handling any design updates, which is why we didn’t just stop at the home page. In order to create an aesthetically pleasing and brand consistent site, we manipulated elements from the homepage to create consistent design variants on each page.

Enhanced Interface

In addition to a sleek new home page and branded secondary pages, this entire revamp also gave Cintrifuse a completely new interface. Their dashboard was designed with only the pages and plugins they absolutely needed to help speed up load times and make it easier for their team members to add and manage content after launch.


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