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Die By The Sword

A recent collaboration with a new apparel company gave the eMedia Design team a chance to flex our creative muscles. Die By The Sword is a new brand created to embody the warrior present in all of us. That’s right; we said warrior. Their apparel is designed with elements of fantasy, heavy metal, and tattoos, and they aim to create a community of like-minded individuals. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to create a new website not only so they could sell their clothes, but more importantly, to create a fierce community of brand ambassadors.

Brand Identity and Logo Design

We began by collaborating on their brand identity design. First of all, it is important to define what we mean by a company’s brand. Brand identity is the visual expression and appearance that represents a company’s vision, values, and a way of being.  As with any business strategy, we needed to identify what it is the company wanted to achieve so that the brand can help them attain it.  A successfully implemented brand becomes an essential tool for achieving a company’s business objectives. We had already identified Die by the Sword’s two main objectives, which were to create an eCommerce website for their line of apparel and to create an online community for their brand. So we started the process by analyzing trends, values, and the needs of their target consumer. We then performed an in-depth review and analysis to truly understand the company’s message.

We began the process with their sentence summary “Tattoo culture meets dungeons and dragons meets Vikings” We loved their summary, so we ran with it.

After defining their brand elements, and identifying their objectives, our design team dove head first into the creative exploration of designing the logo. A lot of back and forth collaboration between our designers and client occurs during this process, so working with the creative imaginations at Die by the Sword was a fun and rewarding process.

Web Design and Development

Once the brand identity and logo designs were complete, we could incorporate it into the web design and development process. Creating a custom responsive website that addressed both objectives was a task we were ready to tackle. The purpose of this site was built keeping in mind that they want to build a community around their apparel and brand.

eCommerce: The overall objective of this project was to create an interactive shopping experience for the user. Keeping this aspect in mind throughout the design process, we incorporated simple navigational elements, directing visitors to the store. Keeping the page’s navigation as simple and smooth as possible helps create an ideal user experience. We dedicated the entire left-hand side of the home page to shopping, allowing Die By The Sword to feature quick links to their most recent products and catalog images, along with an easily accessible “Shop Now” call-to-action.

Community: We mentioned the left half of the home page targets the eCommerce aspect of the website – get ready to fall in love with the right half of the homepage.  We incorporated a live feed from across every Die By The Sword social media account, to showcase their growing community of brand ambassadors. We felt this feature would help create a sense of community, showcasing not only their products, but their brand in action. We also included a clear and visible newsletter sign-up right on the homepage to support their growing database.

A major web design trend right now is parallax scrolling, which implicates the background moves at a slower rate than the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page. We used this on the homepage to provide a nice, subtle element of depth. Since we incorporated their new logo into this feature, it keeps an important element of their brand identity front and center on the homepage. This collaboration, from brand identity to launching their custom-built responsive website, took four months to complete. Whether preparing to storm the halls of Asgard or celebrating victory with your brothers and sisters, head over to Die By The Sword to get outfitted with what you need.  While you’re there, take a look at our interpretation of their “tattoo culture meets dungeons and dragons meets Vikings” vision, and be sure to let us know what you think!


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