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Élan Lighting

Élan Lighting, a Kichler Company, specializes in sophisticated and contemporary interior ceiling, sconce, and bath lighting. As the demand for their artististic lighting fixtures grew, they realized they needed a website that reflected their collection in a unique, yet simple way.

When they came to us for help, they were not satisfied with their website, because the navigation and overall user experience was incredibly frustrating. These issues weren’t allowing Élan to showcase their products to the fullest extent. Plus, high audience drop-off (bounce) rates, showed that their visitors were leaving the site instantly, without even looking through to their products. So their initial project goals were to:

  1. Build a responsive and mobile-friendly website to showcase their fixtures in a more luxurious fashion.
  2. Design a simple user experience that helps visitors easily locate products and local dealers.
  3. Create a content management system for their team to update products and information on the site whenever they want.

The result of our collaboration is a mobile-friendly website for their brand that isn’t just beautiful, but also provides an intuitive user experience and simple content management system. Here are some of the ways our strategy met their objectives:

Responsive Web Design: We didn’t just spruce up their old site with a modern design to reflect the quality of their beautiful collections. We made sure to make it completely responsive so that it delivers a consistent user experience across any device and screen size.

Simple User Experience: The new design guides visitors to the information they want with clear menu navigation and calls-to-action. Design aspects like placing “Find a Dealer” in the main menu, the ability to toggle between different fixtures, and easily filterable collection names, all help eliminate the need to have to click through aimlessly in search of important information.

Customized CMS System: The website’s new CMS (content management system) is fully-tailored and customized to allow for our client to manage and maintain the website themselves. Now they can add or remove products, and update product information whenever they want. This prevents them from the additional cost of paying us to make content updates that they could do on their own. Client training is always included with our dynamic sites to allow for this money-saving benefit.


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