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Filtroe is a startup with it’s eyes on building digital organization solutions for individuals and businesses. Their vision is to provide a product that not only improves, but enhances receipt and financial document organization. Our challenge was to design and build an informational web application designed to drive leads while providing an exceptional user experience to help retain users once they’ve signed up. Before we began the main project, we addressed the startup’s need for brand identity design. Once we narrowed it down to the final brand identity, we were able to move forward confidently with design standards for the rest of their project.

Their SaaS website is one that continues to evolve and hit milestones based on their goals — while staying mindful of the startup’s budget. The result of our collaboration is a responsive and mobile-friendly SaaS web application that continues to progress through iterations. Features of this project include:

Brand Identity Exploration & Design: After discussing their product and the brand’s objectives, our design team performed some deep creative exploration to design a custom logo. This process always requires collaboration between our designers and client, until we reach a logo that our client loves.

Responsive Web Design: The site is fully responsive and mobile-friendly to ensure a seamless user experience for visitors regardless of what device they use to access the website or their account.

Custom Email Address: Users create individual email accounts that they can use to send digital receipts, deals and promotions, egift cards, shipping notifications, invoices, tickets and reservations. Business users can customize their account based on their unique needs, providing financial organization and receipt monitoring of team members.

Enterprise & Individual User Dashboards:  Filtroe lets individuals store and organize receipts by category. It also allows enterprise-level business users to invite and organize team members for convenient organization.


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