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Harlow HRK

With nearly 80 years of company history, Harlow HRK has deep roots in the food and grocery industry. Heading into 2016, the company was in need of a digital brand refresh to better connect with today’s new and innovative brands.


Although they originally came to us for help with a new website, we immediately noticed they were unable to clearly state their brand’s purpose and differentiators. So we worked with their team to develop their brand promise and positioning, which is crucial knowledge for every company to have. We also completed a modern brand identity redesign to further help their brand connect with their target audience.

With a strong foundation in place, we moved forward with their new mobile-friendly website. Our strategy throughout the UX design and development process was to focus on their two main objectives: increasing lead generation and improving talent acquisition.


Harlow HRK’s new digital marketing tool needed to elevate brand awareness and make a greater impact so that visitors understand who they are as a brand, the services they provide, and who they serve. Therefore, we helped guide their content strategy to be optimized for search engines and to ensure clear and consistent messaging across the site. With their objectives in mind, our UX design process revolved around driving desired events and conversions. We then built it to be responsive and mobile-friendly, allowing for uninhibited accessibility and a consistent digital brand experience regardless of the device.


At the start of 2017, Harlow HRK was acquired by Impact Group, who then took on the brand identity and messaging work we completed for Harlow HRK. On top of that, Harlow HRK was nominated for an AMA Pinnacle Award for “Best Brand Launch or Rebranding Effort”.


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