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Heartland Industrial Solutions


Heartland Industrial Solutions have been industry experts in alignment and maintenance of machine equipment for over 20 years. As they became exclusive distributors for a well-known technology in five states and started adding services to their business, they knew they had to update their digital marketing efforts to meet the needs of their growing business. They came to us with the following goals:

  • Increase leads and create an efficient means for tracking their journey
  • Increase brand awareness for the company as a whole
  • Increase awareness of newer services: tool rentals and training services


The Heartland team didn’t just come to us looking to update their outdated, unresponsive website. To achieve the brand awareness they were looking for and get the word out about their new services, they wanted to reposition their marketing efforts and use a more reliable source for promotion and credibility – their website.


We started the development of this responsive, mobile-friendly website with the user experience in mind. We designed every page with a sleek, modern look and made sure to organize their content in a simple, digestible way for any audience to understand. To align with their main objective of increasing leads, our UX design focused on the user journey, fusing in clear calls to action, easily trackable lead forms, and relevant/organized content on each page. Throughout the design and development of this website, we incorporated SEO best practices. Our on-page optimization efforts included keyword research and content optimization, while technical optimization throughout the development and QA phase helped ensure it was technically sound for success across search engines.


As soon as the new website launched, Heartland Industrial Solutions immediately started seeing results that were in line with their original objectives. Goal completions for their tool rental service increased an astounding 11,700% and their inquiries for their training services increased 9,600%! We were thrilled to be involved with this project and build a digital marketing tool that would help the team at Heartland achieve their goals.



  • Organic search increased 29.86%
  • Direct traffic increased 88.70%
  • Bounce rate decreased 23.50%
  • Mobile traffic increased 221.13%


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