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HGC Group

HGC Construction | SSRG | Stanton Millworks

We are proud to announce the launch of three new websites for the HGC Group, a construction company located here in Cincinnati, OH. From the start, our challenge was to design and build a website for all three companies of the HGC Group: HGC Construction, SSRG and Stanton Millworks. While each company has it’s own identity, our clients were hoping all three of their websites could bring a new sense of cohesiveness to their entire brand. Their websites also needed to accomplish these three objectives:

  1. Incorporate a better way to showcase their capabilities
  2. Explain what HGC Construction, SSRG and Stanton Millworks do as individual companies, and how they work together
  3. Show company culture
  4. Elevate brand awareness and increase exposure for job recruiting

The final result of our work is a multisite network supported by a fully tailored and responsive website for each company. Here are some of the ways our web design and development strategy helped meet the brand’s objectives:

Multisite Network: Creating a multisite network ensures we maintain brand consistency across each of their sites, and allows for quicker deployment of any new company websites should their brand continue to grow with new companies. This functionality also allows the HGC Group to edit and update all of their sites with one login. This eliminates the headache of managing separate login credentials for every individual site and adds a major time-saving benefit for our clients.

Responsive Design: Each website is now fully responsive and mobile-friendly! This ensures a seamless, consistent brand and user experience for every single visitor, no matter what device they are using to access the site.

Eye-catching Imagery: Our clients came fully prepared with stunning, high quality photography. This really allowed us to showcase their capabilities in the best way possible, and also provided a blueprint for how we would showcase their services, experience and company culture.

Elevating brand awareness: A consistent design among each of the companies’ websites now creates unity among the brand. Yet we made sure each site could stand on its own by incorporating their unique brand identity and information. We also provided guidance in the content strategy and organization to help users better understand the services/capabilities and employment opportunities for each company. On top of that, over 60% of all website traffic visits the Careers page from the home page alone, which shows the website now facilitates better exposure for job recruitment.


Want to see more? Click through to view more images from the HGC Group project!