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Originally intended as a hangover cure, the team at Hoist discovered their drink was much more than a way to recover from a fun night out. As their company grew and they started receiving customer feedback, they realized their drink was perfect for daily hydration. The Hoist team knew they needed to capitalize on this new market and, to do that, they needed to refresh their brand’s digital experience.


Hoist had a big vision for their new direction. But to get there, they needed to spread the word to a new target audience and increase brand awareness of their premium hydration drinks. To us, that meant we needed to transform their website from a digital billboard into a tool that could drive audience engagement and convert visitors into customers. So their new site needed to increase brand awareness and product education to help drive sales.


We began by focusing the design on a simple user experience (UX) to compliment their modern brand aesthetic. Our web development team then built a responsive website so that anyone could discover the brand no matter what device they are on. The site now helps users understand the story behind Hoist, obtain knowledge on the unique health benefits and product information, connect on social media, and thanks to clear calls-to-action, quickly locate the nearest store that carries Hoist.


Our work netted some impressive results. Overall, their mobile traffic exploded, increasing 132 percent and their website traffic increased 110 percent. We also increased new visitors to the site by 105 percent and increased returning visitors by 98 percent, with overall website engagement increasing by 79 percent. With our help, Hoist successfully refreshed their digital experience and was able to take advantage of a whole new market.


  • Mobile Traffic Increased 132%
  • Organic Traffic Increased 110%
  • New Visitors Increased 105%
  • Returning Visitors Increased 98%
  • Website Engagement (page views) Increased 79%

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