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The team at MortgageBite have their eyes set on a big goal — to address and fix a major issue that homebuyers endure. Their research found that a whopping 47% of mortgage consumers don’t shop for a mortgage before selection. So they wanted to create a web application to help connect consumers with mortgage professionals and help facilitate finding the best deal for a mortgage loan.

The Challenge:

The initial objective was to design and develop a custom SaaS web application that both homebuyers and mortgage professionals would want to use. One of the biggest challenges startups face is creating a solution without having any previous data to help make informed decisions. Therefore, the app needed to progress through a strategic approach of iterations in order to gain insight into their target audience’s needs and engagement on the app to advise how best to build something that’s never been done before


We took a focused approach on iterations in the design and development of their SaaS web application. Since they are a startup, we knew this would help our clients better understand how their product can provide a valuable solution for their target users.

The first iteration started with developing a professional brand identity, so that at the very least marketing and business development could begin. We then designed the website to help both mortgage consumers and mortgage professionals gain valuable information about buying a home or latest trends in the mortgage industry, then connect with each other for help similar to a consumer-to-professional social network. To get the traffic and visibility we needed for testing, we developed a blog content and social media strategy to support our PPC ad campaign and growth hacking strategy. Based on the results, our clients were then able to refine the core purpose of their app. This shift in focus allowed us to present  a more definitive objective and invaluable guidance for updating the UX design and functionality of the app, to best suit their users needs and more so, their long-term business objectives and goals.


Launching the platform on a state-by-state based roll-out effort, is now a well oiled, lead generation machine and mortgage shopping platform, built to keep consumer information private and put the home-buying experience back in their control. Based on first iteration results, we were able to address gaps in the core purpose of their app including defined areas for professionals and consumers. Using this data showed us that what was really needed were two entirely separate experiences for two very different audiences, and we accomplished exactly that.

Notable Statistics:

  • Traffic increased 110% (3.06% of that from paid traffic)
  • Organic traffic increased 41%
  • Mobile traffic increased 199%
  • Conversions via mobile increased 238%
  • Overall Goal Conversion Rate increased from 3.65% to 6.02%
  • Overall conversions increased by 247%


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