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Queen City Hospitality

Senate | Abigail Street | Pontiac BBQ

Our project for the Queen City Hospitality Group consisted of five new websites. Our challenge was to design and build a website for the Queen City Hospitality brand, as well as all three of their Cincinnati restaurants: Senate OTR, Senate Blue Ash, Abigail Street and Pontiac BBQ.  While each restaurant has it’s own unique identity, our clients wanted to bring consistency among all five of their sites. Their websites also needed to accomplish these objectives:

  1. Create a dynamic website that would allow for frequent content updates.
  2. Simplify logins and make it easier to manage content in-house.
  3. Make it very easy for visitors to access commonly searched for information.

The result of our work is a multisite network made up by five dynamic, mobile-friendly websites. Here are some of the ways our website design and development strategy helped meet our client’s objectives:

Multisite Network

We began this project by creating a multisite network, with one central website for the Queen City Hospitality brand called the “parent site.” This setup now grants our clients the ability to add infinite sub-sites called “child sites.” The biggest benefit of a multi-site network is scalability. As the company grows, the multi-site network grows with it, allowing Queen City Hospitality Group to save both time and money on future site builds. With a design layout now in place, this establishes a new sense of cohesiveness among their entire brand and for each new website that gets added down the road.

Easy Content Management System

Another added benefit of their multisite network is that it allows the team at Queen City Hospitality to edit and update all of their sites with one login, rather than requiring separate login credentials for every site. We also provided training so that they feel completely confident in managing frequent content updates on their own.

Simple User Experience

The UX design guides visitors to the information they want with clear menu navigation and calls-to-action. Design aspects like keeping hours of operation visible, the ability to toggle between locations, and call outs to buy their cookbook all help eliminate the need to have to click through aimlessly in search of this information.


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