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Teron Lighting


Since 2010, Teron Lighting Inc. has entrusted eMedia with their digital marketing projects. With an increasing demand for LED solutions, rapidly evolving technology, and shifting compliance regulations, it can be easy to fall behind the competition. Companies today need a digital experience to stay ahead of the curve.


From the start, our challenge was to build a digital experience that would best showcase Teron’s extensive collection of lighting products. It also needed to be built to respond to the growing needs of their diverse audience, and incorporate additional digital marketing campaigns down the road.


To be a valued, long-term partner to Teron, we needed to become savvy in commercial lighting and understand the ins and outs of their business. So that’s what we did. We then applied that knowledge and built a robust, yet easy-to-navigate website to meet the needs of their users.

We focused on a UI design that would arrange and display the lighting fixtures with high detail. To ensure the highest quality imagery, we provided product photography for all of the fixtures and created magazine-quality application shots. The UX intuitively guides users to access product images, download informational pdfs for planning and installation and helps individuals find their nearest retailer or sales agent.


Teron’s website has become a foundation to their digital experience and is one of their most powerful sales tools. Through ongoing search engine optimization efforts, mobile-friendly design updates, and analytics tracking, we’ve been able to continuously improve their website to help them meet their business goals. Some of the recent results we’ve seen include a 5.5% increase in organic traffic, an 8% increase new user traffic, and a 13.33% increase in mobile device traffic. With eMedia as a partner, Teron Lighting will remain competitive and nimble in their fast-paced, innovative industry.


  • Website Traffic Increased 2.5%
  • Organic Traffic Increased 5.5%
  • New Visitors Increased 8%
  • Mobile Traffic Increased 13.3%


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