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Wenger Physical Therapy

We are proud to announce the launch of a new website for Wenger Physical Therapy, a physical therapy clinic located in Mankato, Minnesota. The final result of our work is a search engine optimized, responsive and mobile-friendly website. From the beginning, our challenge was to design and build a modern, interactive website with simple navigation, clear calls-to-action to drive leads, and optimize it for search engines.

… Challenge accepted.

After just five months of collaboration, their new website has launched! Some of the new features include:

Clear Calls-to-Action: We approach every website project making sure we have a clear understanding of who will be using the site, and those users’ needs. We then take those needs into consideration throughout the design and development process, with the hopes of creating a tool that meets their needs. One of our main objectives was to create a site that urges users to contact the clinic or make an appointment directly on the website. Every page provides a way for users to contact their staff by incorporating clear and visible call-to-action buttons. No matter where users are on the new site, there’s an opportunity to convert visitors into leads with a single click.

Interactive Service Pages: In order to highlight their treatment services and areas of expertise, we integrated an interactive body map that allows users to access the treatment information they need in just one click.  We also included staff and service videos into their service pages. This allows users to better understand and view their treatment options, while also gaining trust in Wenger Physical Therapy as a service provider.

Search Engine Optimization: By committing to building a website that can do well in search engines, it’s important to begin by ensuring that the website’s foundation is sound and search engine “friendly”. From there, we utilized keyword-optimized content and tested the site’s structure and usability to ensure the website was search engine optimized.

Responsive Web Design: The site is fully responsive and mobile-friendly to ensure a seamless user experience for visitors regardless of what device they use to access the new website.

WordPress CMS Platform: The website was developed on a WordPress CMS platform that allows the team at Wenger Physical Therapy to update content as often as they need to.


Want to see more? Click through to view more images from the Wenger Physical Therapy project!