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Setting the Bar Even Higher

Four Entertainment Group (4EG) is based out of Cincinnati and Chicago, founded and helmed by four partners that acquire, develop, and manage a broad range of exceptional Cincinnati and Chicago bar and restaurant establishments. But they were facing a big problem –– their business development outpaced their ability to strategize their technology and marketing efforts.


Since each 4EG venue is individually unique, they all had a different website, in different locations,  with separate logins, and different people managing them. This created major brand inconsistencies and content management bottlenecks from site to site. So we faced the challenge of creating distinctive sites for each location, yet still incorporating a consistent design representative of the 4EG brand. They also didn’t have the ability to keep up with their rate of growth or have an efficient way to manage each of their sites. So we knew that we needed to establish an efficient management and deployment process all while creating a solution that would address the time and cost required to build a new website with every new venue.

Download the case study to learn how we created a solution to help our clients achieve their goals.



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