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Quick Rundown: What is a WordPress Multisite?

A WordPress Multisite is a collection of sites that can be created using the multisite feature on a single installation of WordPress. This setup allows you to use subdomains ( or subdirectories ( to build a network of sites that share files, themes, plugins and even content.

If you manage multiple websites in numerous locations (and usually with their own set of login credentials), you surely know the challenges that this kind of tech complexity can cause. A WordPress Multisite helps you simplify content management and maintain each website from one location! There are other benefits to setting up a multisite network, including the ability to:

  • Efficiently manage content and updates
  • Ensure brand consistency
  • Scale without limits
  • Quickly develop and deploy new sites

How are Multisites set up?

There are a few ways to structure them so that it suits your needs. Two popular approaches are:

  1. A Parent/Child Arrangement:
    This type of arrangement utilizes a central site called the “parent site” and subsites called “child sites.” There are two themes used within this structure, one for the parent site and one for all of the child sites. The content on the child sites populates a majority of the parent site dynamically, eliminating the need for placing the copy in multiple locations. Here are two great examples of multisite networks that we’ve created for our clients Four Entertainment Group and the Queen City Hospitality.
  2. The One Theme Arrangement:
    This method utilizes one theme across all sites within a multisite network. Thus, ensuring brand consistency is maintained across all sites. To showcase their unique identities, sites within the network each have their specific content. Take a look at this type of setup in action with HGC Construction Group’s website.

Multisite functionality is a very powerful tool for businesses that saves times, promotes a consistent, identifiable brand identity, and streamlines work from a single dashboard. If you’re looking to build multiple websites under one umbrella (so to speak :)) so that they are connected with your main brand, this is the route you should consider.

Author: Autumn Crosier

Self-taught disruptor, brand storyteller, and lover of all things Barbra Streisand, Autumn oversees our creative tasks and finds new ways to shake things up. As Brand Experience Director, Autumn makes sure that every project for eMedia or Clients is on-brand, edgy, and tells a story.

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